Daddy, I'm a Zombie!

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of animated features about an oddball teenager who finds herself part of the living dead. In 'Daddy, I'm a Zombie!' (2011), after being knocked unconscious by a falling tree, 13-year-old Dixie Grim (voice of Paula Ribó), awakens to discover she's a zombie. Now, helped by new friends Isis (Núria Trifol), an Egyptian mummy princess, and pirate zombie Gonner (Ivan Labanda), Dixie must try and find her way back to her own world, whilst avoiding the attentions of the evil zombie witch Negrida (Roser Botalla). In the sequel, 'Daddy, I'm a Zombie 2 - Dixie Saves the Day!' (2014) Dixie returns after her spell as a zombie to try to regain her normal life. When she hears of the evil zombie Negrida's plan to steal the Azoth, the magical jewel that opens a door between the worlds of the living and the dead, Dixie seeks the help of Isis and Gonner to help her stop the theft and save the world.