Dahmer - The Cannibal Wendigo Bone Daddy

  |  Buy to Own: 29/09/2003
  |  273 min
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A triple bill of thrillers. 'Dahmer - The Cannibal' is the terrifying true story of America's most horrific serial killer. Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (Jeremy Renner) was vilified when authorities discovered he'd murdered, dismembered and even tried to consume the bodies of 17 young men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But is there such a thing as a human monster? 'Wendigo' is a low-budget supernatural thriller that was premiered at the Sundance festival in 2001. George and Kim are on their way with their son Miles to a well-deserved holiday in upstate New York. But en-route George accidentally hits a deer with the car and is confronted by an angry hunter, Otis. Once they reach their destination they discover that Otis lives next door and strange things begin to happen in the cottage; Miles has been told by a local shopkeeper about the Indian legend of the Wendigo, a half-deer, half-man beast and begins to think that the family is being hunted by this creature. Whilst in 'Bone Daddy' Chicago's chief medical examiner Dr William Palmer (Rutger Hauer) uses his experience to pen a best-selling novel based on the grisly murders of a real-life serial killer. In the book, the culprit is brought to justice, but in real life he was never found. So when Palmer's editor disappears, leaving only a severed finger behind, it seems that the psychopath might have decided to return to his murderous ways. It is now a race against the clock, with Palmer using every trick in the book in a desperate attempt to track down the killer before further body parts start turning up.