|  80 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A year after the war against the empire of Mogue finds the earth on its way to recovery. Fighter squadron pilots Shino, Rat and Masa and pretty Sarah are enjoying the new peace. Shino invites his friends to a concert and presents a love song to his dream girl Sarah, but alas she rejects it. Peace ends with an attack by mysterious space creature controlled from Mogue. The giant cyborg raids cities, inflicts untold damage, and annihilates countless innocent people. The squadron's efforts to check the monster prove futile and, as a result, is disbanded as worthless. The pilots find themselves mercilessly imprisoned. But it is a trap. The pilots break free with the aid of a Black Knight and learn that Sayuri confines Sarah to the centre as a decoy. The pilots rescue Sarah and destroy Mogue. They fight individually but when combined become an invincible spaceship-robot called DANCOUGAR. Can Dancougar save the imperiled Sarah?