Danielle Steel: The Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 17/11/2003
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of 9 screen adaptations of Danielle Steel's novels. In 'Kaleidoscope' three sisters are separated for thirty years after the death of their parents. The two younger sisters lived with loving, rich and devoted families, whereas the older sister had a childhood of foster homes, abuse and poverty. She then slowly and painfully erases the past from her mind, until an old family friend attempts to bring the three sisters together. In 'Family Album' a young lieutenant spots Hollywood actress Faye Price and, after a passionate affair, they get married. Faye puts her career on hold to settle down with her new beau but things go badly wrong when her new husband loses his family fortune and she discovers that he has been having an affair. She leaves him and, with their children, returns to Hollywood in an attempt to resurrect her career. 'Star' A young girl banished from home after being unfairly blamed for her brother's death starts a new life as a nightclub singer. Her rise to fame is accompanied by a quest to rekindle an affair with a childhood sweetheart. In 'Palomino' photographer Samantha Taylor falls for Tate, a ranchhand. However, after falling from a horse when she discovers that Tate has abandoned her, Samantha is paralysed. Can they sustain the love they felt for each other, whilst overcoming Samantha's paralysis, after they are re-united? In 'Heartbeat' television writer Bill Grant (John Grant) paid so much attention to his career that his marriage failed. Now, nine years later he is single and lonely. Adrian Townsend (Polly Draper) is happily married until she falls pregnant and her irate husband tells her to choose between him and the baby. A chance encounter between Bill and Adrian leads to friendship and romance. In 'Full Circle' Tana Roberts is determined not to repeat the mistakes of her mother, Jean, who for years conducted an affair with a wealthy married man, Arthur. Tana is brutally raped by Arthur's son Billy and devastated when her mother offers no support. So she decides to get on with her studies and soon becomes a successful lawyer. But when a close college friend is left paralysed after a shooting incident, Tana goes to his aid but embarks on an affair with his father. She then begins to realise that she is no better than her mother. 'Changes' is the story of a top TV news anchor (Cheryl Ladd) who falls in love with LA's top cardiologist (Michael Nouri). However, their relationship is in constant conflict due to their five children from separate marriages. In 'Once in a Lifetime', on Christmas Eve in New York City, world famous author Daphne Fields is lost in thought while crossing the street and hit by a car. Rushed to hospital her mind flashes back over the triumphs of her career as well as the personal tragedies that began when her husband and daughter were killed in a fire. Then, realising she was pregnant, Daphne began a writing career and set about bringing up her son, who was born deaf. Back in the present, whilst lying in hospital, she meets a hearing specialist and romance blossoms. Could this also be the chance of a lifetime for her son? Finally, 'Mixed Blessings' is three stories about the joys of having children. In the first, a couple discover they are unable to have children, so they adopt. In the second a couple risk having children very late in life. Whilst in the third story the husband longs for children, but his wife doesn't..