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  |  95 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Drama set in postwar Chad in 2006. Gumar Abatcha (Khayar Oumar Defallah) is outraged by the news that the government is granting amnesties to war criminals. He gives his grandson, Atim (Ali Barkai), the gun that once belonged to Atim's father so that he may use it to avenge his father's death. It doesn't take him long to find his father's slayer, Nassara (Youssouf Djaoro), who is now married, religiously devout and the owner of a small bakery. Under the guise of looking for work, Atim becomes Nassara's apprentice. Now that he is in Nassara's employ, it will be easy for Atim to exact his revenge but a strange bond begins to develop between the boy and the baker...

Contains moderate violence
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