|  Buy to Own: 01/07/2002
  |  80 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Romantic comedy starring Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley. Doug (Leary), known to his friends as 'Dawg' because of his continual bad behaviour, is a successful and self-centred city banker who is fired from his job after having an affair with his boss's wife. When his grandmother dies soon after, he is informed by her lawyer, Anna (Hurley), that he is the sole heir to his grandmother's fortune, but, despairing of his endless meaningless affairs, she wrote an unusual clause into her will before her death: Doug must get 12 ex-girlfriends to utter the words 'I forgive you' before he can claim his inheritance. As Doug and Anna embark on a journey to track down his old flames one by one in a quest for forgiveness, they both learn a lot about themselves - and each other.