Dawn of the Dragonslayer 1 and 2

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of US adventure features directed by Anne K. Black. 'Dawn of the Dragonslayer' (2011) follows the fortunes of Will Shepherd (Richard McWilliams), who lives a simple and rustic life in the mountains until the unfortunate death of his father. Forced to seek a living in the lowlands thereafter, Will ends up in the employment of Sterling (Ian Cullen), a local land owner and knight. Sterling thinks little of Will and sends him to work on the farm, but the old man's daughter, Kate (Nicola Posener), befriends the boy from the mountains and the pair set about unravelling a past mystery related to a fearsome dragon. In 'Dawn of the Dragonslayer 2' (2013) privileged young noblewoman Ellen Barethon (Amy De Bhrún)'s life changes dramatically when her aunt is murdered on the way to a secret rendezvous with their deposed King. Now charged with delivering to the King the priceless relic that could change the fortunes of their nation, Ellen has only Aedin (David Haydn), a young, potentially untrustworthy smuggler, to help her. Can the pair overcome the machinations of the devious Corvus (Tim Treloar), who wants the relic for his own purposes, to bring light and freedom to the land?