Dazed And Confused Half Baked How High

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'Stoner' triple. 'Dazed and Confused' (1994) is set in 1970s middle America, where school's out for summer. The kids of the town are determined to mark the end of term with a celebration, but the party planned at one of the student's houses is cancelled when his parents find out and decide to stay home. The result? A long hot night of pot, kegs, Aerosmith, driving around in cars, and partying in the woods. In 'Half Baked' (1998), a trio of fun-loving guys conjure up a scheme to raise money for their friend's bail bond. However, in a world where even the best-laid plans go wrong, their hare-brained plotting has little chance of success. The film features cameo performances from Snoop Doggy Dogg, Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong. Rap artists Method Man and Redman star in 'How High?' (2002) as two weed-smoking buddies who, after smoking something especially magical, become gifted with incredible brainpower - and do so well in their college entrance exams that they are offered places at Harvard University. Once embarked on the Ivy League trail, however, the friends run out of their supernatural supply, and have to find more inventive ways to complete their education...