De Palma & De Niro: The Early Films

  |  Buy to Own: 12/11/2018
  |  267 min
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Collection of three films directed by Brian De Palma starring Robert De Niro in some of his first acting roles. In 'The Wedding Party' (1963) Charlie (Charles Pfluger) and Josephine (Jill Clayburgh) are making preparations for their upcoming wedding, but the groom has second thoughts when he realises how annoying his bride and her family can be. As tensions mount with the arrival of bizarre guests, Charlie turns to his groomsmen Alistair and Cecil (William Finley and De Niro) to at least make his stag party a night to remember. 'Greetings' (1968) follows the lives of three New Yorkers, each of whom has their own fixation ranging from sex and voyeurism to Kennedy assassination theories. It seems, however, that they also share a common interest in avoiding the draft for the Vietnam war. Finally, 'Hi, Mom!' (1970) stars De Niro as Jon Rubin, a directionless Vietnam veteran who wishes to try his hand at making erotic films. Convincing a film producer to finance his so-called peep art, Rubin sets up his camera to film the nocturnal activities of his unsuspecting neighbours.