Dead End Road

  |  Buy to Own: 17/09/2007
  |  94 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Dead End Road Film Poster


Low-budget thriller starring Bill Vincent as detective Burt Williams, who has been on the trail of the infamous Poe Killer for nearly three years. The most recent abduction, of fashion model Heather Makepiece (Ambre Lake), prompts state authorities to bring in the FBI. Burt's daughter Kris Williams (Anita LaSelva), a homicide agent for the FBI, takes over along with her partner Sean Michaels (Bonner C. Upshaw III), and Burt reluctantly steps down from the case and retires. For the next seven months the Poe Killer continues his murderous rampage - until Kris discovers that the killer is using internet chat rooms to seduce his prey. She logs in as Annabel Lee and sure enough, he contacts her. With the help of Larry the tech guy (Robert Leeshock), she sets up a meeting at a nearby bowling alley. Things go terribly wrong when Kris is abducted and her partner Sean is slaughtered, and it becomes a race against time for Burt and his ex-partner Grace Andrews (Spice Williams) to find Kris before she becomes the next victim of the Poe Killer...

Contains strong bloody violence and gore
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