Deanna Durbin: Box Set 2

  |  433 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set of five films starring much-loved 1930s musical star Deanna Durbin. In 'First Love' (1939), Constance Harding (Durbin) is the poor relation of wealthy tycoon James Clinton (Eugene Pallette). When she goes to live with her wealthy relatives, Constance is snubbed by her aunt Grace (Leatrice Joy) and her cousin (Helen Parrish). But when she attends a fancy society ball, she meets her Prince Charming at last... 'Three Smart Girls Grow Up' (1939), the sequel to the 1937 film 'Three Smart Girls', sees the return of Penny 'Mouse' Craig (Durbin) and her sisters Joan (Nan Grey) and Kay (Helen Parrish). This time Penny (Durbin) is on the lookout for suitable husbands for her two sisters. In 'Can't Help Singing' (1944), Caroline (Durbin) is the daughter of a wealthy senator, and is determined to marry handsome cavalry officer Lawlor (Robert Paige). But when Lawlor has to go to California, Caroline chases after him, encountering bandits and Indians along the way. In 'The Amazing Mrs Holliday' (1943), Ruth (Durbin) enlists the help of a ship's steward Timothy (Barry Fitzgerald) so that she can pose as Mrs Holliday, the wife of a wealthy shipping magnate who was lost at sea, in a bid to sneak a group of Chinese war orphans into the United States. Finally, in 'For the Love of Mary' (1948), the eponymous Mary (Durbin) is a switchboard operator at the White House. But she is prone to hiccuping spells that throw several incoming special-interest callers into confusion. The President himself cures Mary, but becomes caught up in the girl's various romances - while she in turn becomes entangled in several political intrigues.