Deanna Durbin: Box Set 3

  |  447 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Five classic musicals starring Deanna Durbin. In 'Nice Girl?' (1941), Jane Dana, the blossoming daughter of high school principal Oliver Dana (Robert Benchley), suddenly finds herself ardently courted by boy-next-door Don Webb (Robert Stack) and by a more worldly Richard Calvert (Franchot Tone). In 'It Started With Eve' (1941), playboy Jonathan Reynolds Jr (Robert Cummings) is the son of multi-millionare businessman Jonathan Reynolds Sr (Charles Laughton) - who has been given only a short time to live and wants to meet his son's new fiancée. But unfortunately Jonathan Jr's girlfriend is unavailable at the time, so he asks Ann Terry (Durbin) to pretend to be his fiancée to keep his dying father happy. However, a problem arises when Jonathan Sr makes a miraculous recovery... In 'Up in Central Park' (1948), Durbin stars as Irish immigrant Rosie Moore, who finds herself torn between newspaper reporter John Matthews (Dick Haymes) and political boss Tweed (Vincent Price) in 1870s New York. In 'Hers to Hold' (1943), Durbin stars as Penelope Craig, daughter of wealthy Judson and Dorothy Craig (Charles Winninger, Nella Walker). Penelope will do anything to catch the attention of Bill Morley (Joseph Cotton). Finally, in 'His Butler's Sister' (1943), aspiring singer Ann Carter (Durbin) moves to New York from the American midwest, hoping to further her career. Her half-brother Martin (Pat O'Brien) works in the city as a valet for well-known composer Charles Gerard (Franchot Tone), and Ann hopes that her brother can persuade his boss to help her out and give her career a much-needed boost. Martin soon realises that Charles has taken a fancy to his half-sister...