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  |  92 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


British mystery drama. Three estranged siblings return home after the death of their inventor father, Mr Jones (Paul Freeman), to put his affairs in order. Eloise (Claira Watson Parr), Yossarian (Ben Shockley) and Suki (Nicola Goodchild) lost contact with him seven years previously when he unintentionally killed their brother. While they are all dealing with their own personal problems, the siblings each feel guilty about leaving their widowed father alone. They are informed by solicitor Rupert Deadlock (David Acton) that their dad was in financial trouble and had to borrow against his estate to fund his latest experiment, meaning the house is now owned by the bank. Eloise, Yossarian and Suki discover that Jones' last invention was a window to the supernatural world and set about working out how to use it in an effort to prevent their father and brother's souls from being lost along with the house.