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Delirium Film Poster


An atmospheric study of the overheated musical life within cloistered walls, this is a moving story of how music ultimately transcends infidelity and attains grandeur. Former pop star turned composer Sir Peter Pilger (Gareth Jones) is appointed High Master of his old college St Jude’s and now must deliver a classical Requiem for the centennial celebrations. Struggling with the conflicting demands of art and academia, the one-time revolutionary neglects his hypochondriac wife Myriam (Clare Grogan) and teenage kids, turning upside down the institution he is meant to rescue. But a time bomb is ticking in the college kitchens in the form of enigmatic and brilliant cellist Anastasiya (Alisa Liubarskaya) who remembers more about his past than he does. Pilger’s Requiem lays nothing to rest. Not his libido. Not even his conscience. Highly coloured auteur film ‘Delirium’ features an acting tour de force by writer/director Gareth Jones and a specially commissioned Requiem by producer/composer Fiona Howe. It was shot at the beautiful, historic Founder's Building of Royal Holloway University of London in Surrey, itself modelled on François 1's Chateau of Chambord. UK 2016 Gareth Jones 105m We welcome director/actor Gareth Jones and producer/composer Fiona Howe for a Q&A after the screening.