Demonium Nightmares In A Damaged Brain

  |  Buy to Own: 21/04/2003
  |  182 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


An Italian-horror double bill. In 'Demonium' the friends and family of the recently murdered Arnold Berger gather at his castle for the reading of his will. However, as they wait to find out who the lucky recipients will be, they realise that Arnold's killer is still on the loose. Trapped in the castle for three days, the guests are gradually wittled away, one by one, and in a variety of grisly manners. Whilst in 'Nightmare in a Damaged Brain' George has recently escaped from the mental hospital and is now wandering the streets experiencing various psychotic and murderous hallucinations. Soon enough he's turning his deadly fantasies into disturbing realities, indiscriminately dispatching all manner of people in a non-stop bonanza of dismemberment and death. But when he comes across one particular family he is suddenly given pause and finds himself mysteriously unable to continue with his random butcherings. What is the strange hold that this family has over maniac George?