Dempsey And Makepeace: Complete Series 1

  |  Buy to Own: 27/02/2006
  |  550 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Dempsey And Makepeace: Complete Series 1 Film Poster


All ten episodes from the first series of the action-packed 1980s police drama. Tough New York cop James Dempsey (Michael Brandon), having caused upset in his own department during a corruption enquiry, is sent to London to be drafted into Scotland Yard's undercover SI-10 unit. Partnered with glamorous officer Harriet Makepeace (Glynis Barber), the two mismatched cops find themselves thrown into all sorts of dangerous assignments. In this series, the duo investigate an armoured car robbery that leaves a security guard dead, find themselves mixed up with a terrorist group posing as a rock band, and a case becomes personal when one of Makepeace's best friends is murdered on her wedding day. Episodes are: 'Armed and Extremely Dangerous'; 'The Squeeze'; 'Lucky Streak'; 'Given to Acts of Violence'; 'Hors De Combat'; 'Nowhere to Run'; 'Make Peace, Not War'; 'Blind Eye'; 'Cry God For Harry'; and 'Judgement'.