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  |  98 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


In this controversial drama from the director of 'American History X' (1998), Adrien Brody stars as a substitute teacher working in a disadvantaged inner city school. As he begins yet another temporary stint in a notorious New York school, Henry Barthes (Brody) continues his struggle to make a difference, despite his past failures. His grandfather (Louis Zorich), who suffers from dementia, lives in a nursing home run by people who show little care or sensitivity, and Henry is plagued by memories of his troubled and loveless childhood. When he meets a young prostitute, Erica (Sami Gayle), he offers her refuge in his home, but as a tender father/daughter relationship develops between them, Henry loses his nerve and calls in the social services...

Contains strong language, sex, sex references and scenes of suicide
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