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  |  89 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Teen comedy-horror starring Shanley Caswell as a social outcast at a high school haunted by a serial killer. The mysterious killer, known only as 'Cinderhella', has the natives of the small US town Grizzly Lake in a state of terror. However, the killer is initially the least of Riley (Caswell)'s problems. Riley is madly in love with her childhood friend, hipster Clapton Davis (Josh Hutcherson), but he has his eye on beautiful cheerleader Ione (Spencer Locke) and Riley struggles to gain his attention. Things take a turn for the worst when the school headmaster, Principle Verge (Dane Cook), comes up with a plan to catch the killer. Verge is convinced that the killer comes from the school and duly locks the pupils he considers suspicious - including Riley - in detention for a day. What could possibly go wrong?

Contains strong language, sex references, horror and bloody violence
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