Detox: Kundalini Yoga With Mariya Gancheva

  |  50 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Detox: Kundalini Yoga With Mariya Gancheva Film Poster


In this Kundalini Yoga Detox programme, Mariya will take you on a marvellous journey of transformation to reach your true potential. This programme focuses on assisting detoxification so your body can renew and rebalance to support and sustain you at your best. Physically, this routine will help strengthen your body, reduce excess weight and aid digestion and elimination. Spiritually, it will gently unblock your mind and subconscious, clearing obstructions and traumas. With our modern, busy lifestyles, we tend to neglect our bodies, and this can lead to stress and a myriad of diseases. Practicing this routine will leave you feeling more centred, energised and focused. It should be practiced for 40 days consecutively for the best results.