|  Book Tickets: 27/04/2012
  |  155 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Indian action movie in which an ambitious young man finds himself drawn into an ancient feud between a pair of villages. The feud began over half a century ago when two powerful figures within a single village fell out and established their own rival dwellings. Periods of peace were fragile, but the death of one of the two leaders seemed to put an end to the conflict. However, it was prophesied that the fallen leader's orphan son would return half a century later to re-establish his dynasty - a story that holds some interest for N Ramachandra (N.T.R. Rao Junior). Ramachandra, a fearless but poor young warrior, has been seeking a level of social standing that would allow him to win the heart of the beautiful heiress, Satya (Trisha Krishnan). Ramachandra duly travels to the village, but, as a warrior who only reluctantly exercises his deadly skills, how will he react when his arrival reawakens the ancient bloodlust of villagers on both sides?

Contains strong violence
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