Diplomatic Siege Phoenix The Runner

  |  Buy to Own: 29/09/2003
  |  286 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of action-thrillers. In 'Diplomatic Siege' when agent Steve Miller (Peter Weller) is sent to Bucharest to defuse a nuclear bomb that has been secretly held in the US embassy since the end of the Cold War, he finds more than he bargained for. Firstly his partner is ex-lover Erica Long (Daryl Hannah) and, secondly, Serbian rebels have taken over the embassy and most of its staff are now hostages, including Miller's 14-year-old step-son. Miller now faces a race against time to save his son as General Buck Swain (Tom Berenger) is eager to storm the embassy. In 'Phoenix' cop Harry Collins (Ray Liotta) has let his gambling problem get out of control. His debt is now so big that he has to go to his bookie Chicago (Tom Noonan) asking for help. Chicago says he will cancel the debt if Harry commits a murder for him. However, Harry comes up with a plan of his own, but plans can always go wrong... Whilst in 'The Runner' gambling addict Edward Harrington (Ron Eldard) needs to earn some money fast, and thanks to some of his uncle's connections, he manages to get a job with high-rolling gangster Deep Throat (John Goodman). The job requires him to run around town placing various bets for his boss, and at first everything works out fine. However, the temptation soon proves too much, and Edward decides to use some of the gangster's money to buy a ring for his girlfriend Karina (Courteney Cox) - a move he's sure to regret.