Dirty Deeds

  |  Buy to Own: 17/12/2007
  |  87 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Dirty Deeds Film Poster


Teen comedy starring Milo Ventimiglia. Zach Harper (Ventimiglia) is a senior at a high school with a strange tradition in which upcoming graduates are challenged to perform a series of pranks known as 'the Dirty Deeds' if they want to avoid a humiliating encounter with the football team. In Zach's case, Dan Lawton (Matthew Carey) is a jock who has always had it in for him and has made it clear that if Zach can't complete the 'Dirty Deeds' he won't be the only one in trouble - he'll also go after Zach's love interest, Meg (Lacey Chabert), and her little brother.

Contains moderate violence, sex references and one use of strong language
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