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  |  80 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Diverge Film Poster


Dir. James Morrison, 80mins, USA, English, 2016. In the aftermath of a global pandemic, a survivor searches for ways to cure his wife of a deadly virus. Alone in the wilderness, they meet a man who offers them sanctuary but he is not who he seems. Equal parts science fiction and character study, DIVERGE is the story of a man discovering how far he’s willing to go for the one he loves, and what he stands to lose in doing so. In movie shorthand, you could use TWELVE MONKEYS meets PRIMER as a reference, as it deals with similar ideas and is brilliantly constructed on its modest budget, however it packs a feisty punch in the time-travel genre. Winner of the Siren Award for Best International Feature at the 2016 Lund Fantastic Film Festival.