Divine Secrets Of The Ya Ya Sisterhood Two Weeks Notice

  |  Buy to Own: 27/03/2006
  |  213 min
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Box set containing two popular drama movies starring Sandra Bullock. In 'Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood' (2002), Sidda Lee Walker (Bullock) is a successful playwright living in New York City. One day, after falling out with her mother Vivi (Ellen Burstyn), Sidda Lee finds herself kidnapped and taken back to her home state of Louisiana. The kidnappers are her mother's old friends Teensy (Fionnula Flanagan), Necie (Shirley Knight) and Caro (Maggie Smith) - collectively known as the Ya-Ya Sisterhood - and they resolve to tell Sidda Lee the truth about her mother's hard life. In 'Two Weeks Notice' (2002), high-flying attorney, Lucy Kelton (Bullock) is driven to distraction by her boss, George Wade (Hugh Grant), who just cannot seem to make a decision (day or night) without her input. In a fit of pique she hands in her notice, two weeks, which Wade agrees to on one condition; she must find her replacement. After much searching, Lucy finds her replacement in June Carter (Alicia Witt), a Harvard law graduate who is not only very pretty and capable but also appears to be determined to become Mrs Wade. Lucy begins to wonder whether she should warn her ex-boss whilst also realises why she feels so jealous.