Dog Story: Little Heroes Trilogy

  |  Buy to Own: 11/11/2002
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All three films in the 'Little Heroes' trilogy. In 'Little Heroes' (1998) Harry Burton is on his way to Washington to give evidence against the tobacco company he formerly worked for, in a lawsuit that could cripple the cigarette industry. No sooner have he and his wife departed their home, then two henchmen arrive to kidnap their son Charlie and blackmail Harry into changing his testimony. However, they hadn't banked on the dogged intervention of the family's two pet pooches, Samson and Hercules. In 'Dog Story: Little Heroes 2' (2000) the TV news reports a story in which Samson and Hercules save an old man who falls from a pier, leading to the dogs being hailed 'little heroes' and Charlie getting offered a free trip to Universal Studios. However Carney and Slick, the bumbling bad guys who Charlie put in prison at the end of the previous film, have now escaped jail and are heading to Hollywood hoping to exact their revenge. In 'Top Dogs: Little Heroes 3' (2001) Slick and Carny are joined in jail by two international criminals who have stolen a secret defence microchip. In order to smuggle the chip out they hide it in Slick and Carny's food when the hapless pair are about to get released. Once outside, the ex-cons can't understand why they are being pursued by Miss Chlorine and her sumo henchmen and soon end up captive in her laboratory. Now it seems their only help for salvation rests in the paws of their old enemies, canine crimebusters Samson and Hercules.