Dogs Without Names

  |  Book Tickets: 31/05/2017
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Dogs Without Names Film Poster


The screening will be followed by Q&A with the director and representatives of organisations featured in the film. Following the death of her beloved golden retriever, a film maker channels her grief into making a documentary about people who rescue dogs and cats 'without names' - in other words, those with no one to care for them. Akane Yamada’s moving docu-drama looks at animal adoption centres and shelters around Japan including those struggling to handle the countless lost dogs and cats in the 20-kilometre “red zone” around the Fukushima nuclear reactor. She meets and interviews many involved in such organisations and sees anew the power of our bonds with these animals and our responsibilities should we opt to care for them. This event is organised in partnership with The Japan Society. We are delighted to welcome director Akane Yamada to the UK for this special screening and are grateful to Small Hope Bay Productions for their support. Akane Yamada has over 30 years experience as a film and television director. Recent productions include The Happiness of Mucchan (NHK, 2014) which tracks Mucchan, a dog abandoned in the 20 kilometer ‘red zone’ around the Fukushima nuclear reactor, and The woman who sleeps with 1,000 cats (Fuji Television, 2015) featuring Yuri Nakatani, of NPO Minashigo Dogs and Cats Rescue in Hiroshima. In Japanese with English subtitles. Film running time is 107 minutes.