Doomsday Gun

  |  120 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Doomsday Gun Film Poster


Docu-drama about Gerald Bull, the Canadian ballistics expert who was well on the way to designing and supervising the assembly of a Supergun for Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein, before he was mysteriously assasinated just before the outbreak of the Gulf War. Bull first worked for the Americans in the sixties but then became a freelance big-gun specialist in the seventies until, after supplying arms to the South Africans during their war with Angola, he was imprisoned in the US for breaking the embargo, even though he always claimed he was the fall-guy for the CIA. During the eighties Bull's suceesful arms company was based, like many professional arms dealers, in Brussels. In 1987 Bull was apparently approached by the Iraqis to build a gun which could fire a missile 1 000 miles, Bagdad to Rome. This drama sets out to expose the hypocritical world of big business arms dealing and governments breaking their own embargoes.