|  Buy to Own: 07/09/2009
  |  133 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Dororo Film Poster


Japanese fantasy action film based on the manga by Osamu Tezuka. Hyakkimaru (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is born cursed by a nefarious deal that his father Lord Kagemitsu Daigo (Kiichi Nakai) did with a band of demons, in which he offered them the body of his unborn son in return for the power to conquer Japan. Saved from certain death by his mother Yuri (Mieko Harada), he is taken in by kindly mystic Jukai (Harada Yoshio). As he grows older, Hyakkimaru learns of his fate from a passing traveller and sets out with tomboy thief Dororo (Kou Shibasaki) to take revenge against his treacherous father and the 48 demons who have taken his body parts.