Dr Dolittle Dr Dolittle 2 Dr Dolittle 3

  |  Buy to Own: 01/05/2006
  |  94 min
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Triple box set containing three three popular comedy films. In 'Dr Dolittle' (1998), as a boy, John Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) finds he can talk to animals, but his disapproving father forces him to repress his gift. Now a doctor with a young family, John rediscovers his ability after accidentally running over a dog. He begins to communicate with animals again, and soon has a queue of ailing pets in his waiting room. However, John's colleagues, worried for his sanity, have him committed to an asylum. 'Dr Dolittle 2' (2001) sees Dolittle (Murphy) having to save an endangered species, the Pacific Western Bear, and its natural habitat, a forest that is under threat from the lumber industry. The trouble is he only has three weeks to find a mate for the lone female of the species (voice of Lisa Kudrow) left in the wild and the only candidate he can come up with is a performing bear (voice of Steve Zahn) with a penchant for junk food. Not only has Dolittle got a massive task on his hands he also has to contend with the forest's animal version of the Mafia. Finally, in 'Dr Dolittle 3' (2006), Kyla Pratt stars as Maya Dolittle, the youngest daughter of veterinarian John Dolittle. Maya makes the surprising discovery that, like her father, she can understand what animals have to say, and speak with them in their own language. Unlike her father, Maya hasn't found a suitable use for her talents, and as she finds an outlet for her unique language skills, she is sent away to Durango, a combination summer camp and dude ranch, where she strikes up a rapport with both the fellow campers and the livestock.