Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series 3

  |  Buy to Own: 26/03/2007
  |  1363 min
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The complete third series of the popular American television drama, following headstrong female doctor Michaela Quinn (Jane Seymour) as she helps the people of the Wild West town of Colorado Springs. While having to deal with the suspicions of the townspeople, Dr Quinn finds her life further complicated by having to look after three orphaned children, and her growing attraction to mountain man Byron Sully (Joe Lando). In this series, Dr Quinn performs an autopsy to conclude that a woman about to be executed did not murder her husband, and when she tips off the local Indians about a Buffalo Soldier cavalry raid, she is arrested and accused of treason. Includes all 29 episodes: 'The Train', 'Fathers and Sons', 'The Cattle Drive (1)', 'The Cattle Drive (2)', 'The Library', 'Halloween II', 'The Washington Affair (1)', 'The Washington Affair (2)', 'Money Trouble', 'Thanksgiving', 'Ladies' Night (1)', 'Ladies' Night (2)', 'A First Christmas', 'The Indian Agent', 'The End of the World', 'Pike's Peace', 'Cooper vs. Quinn (1)', 'Cooper vs. Quinn (2)', 'What is Love?', 'Things My Father Never Gave Me', 'Baby Outlaws', 'Bone of Contention', 'Permanence of Change', 'Washita (1)', 'Washita (2)', 'Sully's Recovery', 'Ready or Not', 'For Better or Worse (1)' and 'For Better or Worse (2)'.