Dracula 3 - Legacy

  |  Buy to Own: 10/10/2011
  |  87 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Dracula 3 - Legacy Film Poster


Horror sequel in which a priest and a scientist track Dracula to his lair in Romania in a bid to rescue one of his captives. In the previous film, 'Dracula 2 - Ascension', the vampire lord escaped with a scientist, Elizabeth (Diane Neal), who was studying him to try and work out the secret of immortality. Elizabeth's co-worker, Luke (Jason London), who also has a crush on her, joins the Vatican's chief vampire hunter, Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee), as he heads to Dracula's home territory to try and vanquish him. Along the way, the pair meet Julia (Alexandra Wescourt), a television journalist who refuses to head back home without a vampire story. Together the three journey towards a fateful showdown at Dracula's castle.

Contains strong language and bloody violence
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