Dragon Takeaway

  |  Buy to Own: 08/05/2006
  |  274 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Martial arts triple. 'Legend of the Drunken Tiger' (1992) is set in the time of the Boxer Rebellion in 1898. Rebel leader and drunken Kung Fu master Cheong San is in constant opposition to his own corrupt government, until intervention by British and American forces in the Chinese opium trade provides him and his band of rebels with a new foe to fight. 'Martial Arts Master: Wong Fei Hung' (1992) is based on the story of Chinese legend Wong Fei Hung. Wong Fei's father, the master of a Kung Fu school, dies and leaves the school to his rather complacent son. But when Wong Fei realises that the school is under threat from a Japanese swordsman, who has challenged the school's top fighters to a duel to the death, he soon springs into action. ' Tai Chi Master (1982) is a classic slice of 1980s martial arts action focusing on China's Manchurians versus Han conflicts during the Ching Dynasty, and the struggle between good and evil, yin and yang.