Dragon Wars

  |  Buy to Own: 19/05/2008
  |  Watch Now: 30/01/2008
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Dragon Wars Film Poster


Mythical serpents lay waste to Los Angeles in Korean director Shim Hyung-Rae's modern day monster tale. Looking through an antiques shop one day, Ethan Kendrick (Jason Behr) is struck by a force originating from an old chest in the shop. The owner, recognising the importance of what has happened, tells Ethan a story about mythical serpent creatures called Buraki, who existed millennia ago with an army of ork-like creatures in tow, and were capable of transforming themselves into dragons. Ethan, it transpires, is the modern-day reincarnation of the ancient warrior Haram who vanquished the Buraki in olden times while trying to protect Narin, the woman he loved, and whose spirit was trapped in the chest. Now freed, Ethan has to re-unite with his former love, now known as Sarah Daniels (Amanda Brooks), as together they are the only ones who can stop the Buraki from laying waste to Los Angeles.