Drop Dead Fred The Parole Officer Guest House Paradiso

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  |  275 min
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British comedy triple. In 'Drop Dead Fred' (1991), Lizzie Cronin (Phoebe Cates) is forced to return to her domineering mother when marriage ends up on the rocks. In desperation, Lizzie calls upon Fred (Rik Mayall), the imaginary friend of her childhood, to help her through this difficult period. But Fred proves to be more hindrance than help - the effects of his actions are far from imaginary, and Lizzie must take the blame... TV comedian Steve Coogan makes the move to the big screen with crime caper 'The Parole Officer' (2001). Parole officer Simon Garden (Coogan) is transferred from Blackpool to Manchester and soon finds himself on the trail of corrupt cop Burton (Stephen Dillane). Burton then realises what Simon is up to and threatens to frame him for a recently committed murder if he doesn't leave it alone. The proof of Simon's innocence is a CCTV tape which shows Burton committing the murder, but the cop has the tape locked safely away in a bank vault. So the resourceful Simon rounds up a gang of inept ex-criminals - all former clients of his - and begins drawing up plans to break into the vault and retrieve the evidence. In 'Guest House Paradiso' (1999), Richie (Rik Mayall) and Eddie (Adrian Edmondson) are the owners of a squalid and empty B&B located next door to a nuclear power plant. Business isn't exactly booming, but things improve when the Nice family move in - or at least they do until Richie is caught pilfering through their underwear. Meanwhile, fading Italian actress Gina (Hélène Mahieu) books into the hotel to escape her boyfriend Gino (Vincent Cassel). Her presence arouses the lust of Richie and Eddie, but they also have the problems of radioactive fish to contend with.