Drop The Dead Donkey: Series 4-6

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2006
  |  800 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Drop The Dead Donkey: Series 4-6 Film Poster


All 33 episodes from the last three series of the British television satire based in the offices of the Globelink television news network, where oleaginous editor Gus Hedges (Robert Duncan) attempts to impose order on an alternately drunken, disorderly, or excessively committed workforce of journalists and self-obsessed bulletin presenters. Episodes are: 'The Undiscovered Country', 'Quality Time', 'The Day of the Mum', 'Births and Deaths', 'Helen's Parents', 'Sally in TV Times', 'Crime Time', 'No More Mr Nice Guy', 'Henry's Autobiography', 'The Strike', 'The Wedding', 'Damien and the Weather Girl', 'Inside The Asylum', 'The Godless Society', 'The Bird of Doom', 'What are Friends For?', 'The Path of True Love', 'Charnley in Love', 'George's Car', 'Henry's Diary', 'Dave and Diana', ' Luck', 'The Graveyard Shift', 'Sex n' Death', 'The Newsmakers', 'Beasts, Badgers and Bombshells', 'The Diaries', 'But is it Art?', 'George Finds Love', 'A Bit of an Atmosphere' and 'The Final Chapter'.