|  Buy to Own: 11/10/2004
  |  82 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Bollywood drama set in the yellow-light area of suburban Mumbai. Madhav (Vikas Kalantri) is a breath of fresh air in the stinking environment. He is a selfless soul, and kind towards everyone. Wahedan is waiting for her lover who had promised to marry her and take her out of the brothel forever. She is highly respected. Into such an atmosphere arrives Kasturi, who was sold by her uncle. Madhav likes Kasturi, but never admits his love for her. Acharya, Kasturi's father comes to Mumbai searching for her. He wants to take her back to the village. He tries to take Kasturi out of the brothel with the help of Wahedan who was her lover for whom she waited. Will Madhav help Kasturi in her fight back to break free of their shackles and regain her dignity?

Contains prostitution theme and moderate sexual references
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