Duke Bluebeard's Castle: London Philharmonic

  |  Buy to Own: 30/11/1992
  |  64 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Duke Bluebeard shows his bride Judith her new home, a gloomy castle. Judith notices seven locked doors, and asks Bluebeard to unlock them. He reluctantly gives her the key to the first door, which opens to reveal a Torture Chamber, its walls dripping with blood. The second door reveals the Armoury, inside which the weapons are again covered with blood. The next three doors open to the Treasury, the Garden and Bluebeard's Kingdom. In each case Judith sees blood, and becomes obsessed with opening the last two doors. A BBC film production of Béla Bartok's psychological opera, with Adam Fischer conducting the London Philharmonic. The film won the 1989 Prix Italia Music Prize, and stars Robert Lloyd as Bluebeard and Elizabeth Laurence as Judith.