|  Book Tickets: 08/03/2017
  |  145 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Naren singh maan a young man from Chandigarh loses his entire family in a brutal terror attack planned by pakistani terrrorists. Lonely and angst ridden he travels to Bangkok on a job as a waiter in a 3 star hotel, where he meets Kareem usmaani a pakistani national who is hired in the same hotel as a security officer. Full of hate and anger , Naren is now forced to live with his worst enemy who later turns out to be his only friend philospher and saviour as the story unfolds. Will naren forgive kareem for the deeds of those who tread on evil paths? Will he hold on to his hate ? Or will he choose the path of mercy and forgiveness is the bedrock on which this tale of love hate and brotherhood is told...

strong violence, drug misuse
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