East End Babylon: The Story of the Cockney Rejects

  |  Book Tickets: 20/04/2012
  |  Buy to Own: 06/11/2012
  |  101 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Documentary that sets out to tell the interlinked story of the East End of London and its most famous band The Cockney Rejects. The East End of London has its own unique culture. Once home to the largest docks in the world it is now one of the poorest areas in Britain. The Cockney Rejects, formed by brothers Jeff and Micky Geggus in the late 1970s, grew up in the East End and with their love of boxing and local football team West Ham United embody many of the area's values. Determined to remain true to their roots in their songs The Cockney Rejects enjoyed a turbulent early career, with their gigs often degenerating into fights with fans of rival football clubs. The band remained together nonetheless and continue to tour and record, with a number of musicians, including Rancid frontmen Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen, testifying to their influence and importance.

Contains very strong language and images of real violence
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