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  |  95 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama in which a young man, bored by his comfortable but uninspiring existence, turns to a mysterious online dating application in the hope of spicing up his life. Marshall (Houston Rhines) feels that his potential is largely going to waste at work, where his complacent boss, Mr Hutchington (John Callahan), continually overlooks him for promotion and other opportunities. His personal life is similarly sterile, with his boyfriend of seven years, Gabe (Noah Shuffman), failing to excite him any longer. Partly out of curiosity, Marshall decides to sign up to an online app he stumbles across called 'eCupid'. The app claims to be able guarantee true love and initially seems true to its word, arranging a series of promising dates for Marshall with the kind of men he dreams of. However, will the app and the abundance of potential partners it brings him into contact with help Marshall discover the value of love in a different way?

Contains strong language and moderate sex
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