Elvis Presley: The Blue Suede Shoes Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 20/08/2007
  |  459 min
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A collection of some of the King's greatest movies brought together in an 11-disc box. 'This Is Elvis' (1981) is a mixture of live footage and dramatic reconstruction offering yet more insight into the personality and business dealings of the King including some very early TV appearances. In 'That's The Way It Is' (1970) documentary cameras follow Elvis on his second season in Las Vegas. Remixed and remastered throughout, the film has also been re-cut to place more emphasis on the music and to include concert footage recently rediscoverd in the studio vaults. Features such hits as 'In the Ghetto', 'The Wonder of You' and 'Suspicious Minds'. Jailhouse Rock (1957) was Elvis' third movie and remains one of his most popular cinematic outings. He plays Vince Everett, a youngster sent to prison for accidentally killing a man. While behind bars he takes up music, and attracts the attention of a beautiful record company talent scout. Songs include 'Baby, I Don't Care', 'Young and Beautiful', and 'Jailhouse Rock'. Viva Las Vegas (1963) was Elvis' second film, and is a celebration of the manifold charms of the gambling capital of America. He plays a racing driver who finds that he can't keep his mind on the Las Vegas Grand Prix after he meets a sexy swimming instructor (Ann-Margret). Songs include 'The Lady Loves Me', 'C'mon Everybody', and 'Viva Las Vegas'. In Kissin' Cousins (1964) local residents attempt to thwart plans by the US Air Force to build a base on Smokey Mountain. A level-headed Air Force lieutenant (Elvis Presley) arrives to smooth things over, only to discover that one of the locals is his own cousin (also Presley), who isn't too happy about the interference from his big-city relative. Songs include 'Echoes of Love', 'Smokey Mountain Boys', and 'Kissin' Cousins'. In 'Girl Happy' (1965), Rusty Wells (Elvis Presley) travels down from Chicago to Florida to work as a nightclub singer. He funds himself by acting as chaperone to a gang of college girls, one of whom is the flirtatious daughter of a mobster. Songs include 'Wolf Call', 'Do Not Disturb', and 'Girl Happy'. In 'Stay Away Joe' (1968), Joe Lightcloud (Elvis Presley) is a half-Navajo rodeo rider who returns to his reservation to help his parents set up as cattle ranchers as part of a government rehabilitation scheme. His efforts all end in chaos, but he makes several romantic conquests. Songs include 'Going Home' and 'Stay Away, Stay Away Joe'. 'Live A Little, Love A Little (1968) has a young hopeful (Elvis Presley) succeeding in landing two well-paid jobs as a photographer and attempting to do both by running back and forth between the two offices. He still finds time to sing a few songs, including 'Almost in Love' and 'Wonderful World'. In 'Charro!' (1969), Jess Wade (Elvis Presley) is an outlaw who wants to go straight.Trouble is his inconsiderate buddies won't let him, and if that wasn't enough, they also want the cannon he's supposed to have stolen from the Mexicans.