Endless Love Blue Lagoon Only You

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  |  324 min
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Triple-bill of love stories. In 'Endless Love' (1981), a contemporary variation on the Romeo and Juliet story, 17-year-old David (Martin Hewitt) falls in love with 15-year-old Jade (Brooke Shields), but their parents intervene and put a stop to the relationship. Their forced separation only makes David grow more obsessed with Jade, and as his actions grow more threatening, it is revealed that the love between the two teenagers has affected the relationships between all the different members of the family. In 'Blue Lagoon' (1980), two young children, a boy (Christopher Atkins) and a girl (Brooke Shields), are shipwrecked on an uninhabited South Pacific island. As the years pass, they come to accept their new home, living in harmony with nature and enjoying the island's exotic beauty; then, with the onset of adolesence, they experience their sexual awakening unconstrained by the rules of civilisation. Finally, in 'Only You' (1994), Marisa Tomei stars as Faith, a woman obsessed, thanks to a fortune teller's prediction, with marrying a man by the name of Damon Bradley. Following a slim lead, she flies off to Italy on the trail of her destiny. Once there she meets a charming stranger (Robert Downey Jr) who pretends to be the man of her dreams, and they soon fall in love. But when she discovers his deception, he has to work overtime to convince her to follow her heart and not her head.