Enemy Mine Alien Vs Predator

  |  Buy to Own: 16/04/2007
  |  189 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Sci-fi action double. In 'Enemy Mine' (1985), an Earthman (Dennis Quaid) and his alien enemy (Lou Gossett Jnr) both find themselves stranded on the hostile planet Fyrine IV. The two enemies quickly find that they must join forces to survive and in doing so discover that the other is not the evil monster they were brought up to believe. 'Alien vs Pradator' (2004) is set early in the 21st century. Billionaire Charles Weyland (Lance Hendriksen) is convinced that his satellite thermal imaging system has picked up evidence of an ancient life form buried under the ice in remotest Antarctica. When a team of archaeologists sets out to investigate, they find more than they had bargained for: the ancient pyramid temple they discover contains evidence that the alien life form it contained could still be in existence. They then find out from studying the hieroglyphics in the temple that an even greater threat is hanging over them: a group of Predators - the feared intergalactic hunters - are on their way to earth to take part in a rite-of-passage battle with the aliens that could lay waste to the human race...