Epic Action Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 26/12/2005
  |  270 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Martial arts triple bill. In 'Iron Monkey' (1994), Director Yuen Wo-ping (who went on to choreograph the fight scenes in both 'The Matrix' and 'Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger') directs Donnie Yen as Wong Kei Ying, a master boxer in 19th century China, whose son is kidnapped. Ying can only save his son if he uses his deadly skills to help the kidnapper, a corrupt politician, fight a mystery character known as Iron Monkey; who steals from the politician and distributes the booty to the poor. In 'Thai Chi Boxer' (1996), a young fighter is inspired by his father's example to stand up to an opium-smuggling ring and win the heart of the girl of his dreams. Finally, 'Wing Chun' (1994) is a kung fu action comedy with a feminist slant, starring Michelle Yeoh as Yim Wing Chun, a tofu-shop owner and supremely skilled martial artist. When Wing Chun foils an evil plot by a gang of bandits to kidnap beautiful young widow Charmy (Catherine Hung Yan), the bandits, enraged at being defeated by a mere woman, redouble their efforts and return to recapture Charmy. Meanwhile, a romantic sub-plot ensues as Wing Chun's childhood sweetheart, Leung Pok To (Donnie Yen) returns to the village - and promptly falls in love with Charmy, mistaking her for Wing Chun - while he mistakes poor Wing Chun for a man.