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  |  104 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Art-house collection of three short films by notable directors on the theme of eroticism. Michelangelo Antonioni ('Blow Up!'), Stephen Soderbergh ('Crash') and Wong Kar Wai ('In The Mood For Love') present a three-part anthology film about love and sexuality. In 'The Hand' (Kar Wai) Miss Hua (Gong Li), an ageing prostitute entrances a younger man, whom she wants to replace her elderly dressmaker, using womanly wiles. 'Equilibrium', Soderbergh's segment, stars Robert Downey Junior as Nick Penrose, a sexually-obsessed ad-man whom we follow through three interconnected sexual dreams. In 'Il Filo Pericoloso Delle Cose' (Antonioni) a precipitous, highly sexual ménage develops between a beautiful young woman and a couple taking holidays on the Tuscan coast.

Contains moderate sex and nudity
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