Eski Elmalar

  |  Book Tickets: 04/11/2016
  |  114 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Eski Elmalar Film Poster


Yilmaz Erdogan's stunningly beautiful Turkish comedy-drama about a mayor and his lovely daughters. Scenic Hakkari is renowned for two things. There's the magnificent orchard cultivated by mayor Aziz Ozay (Yilmaz Erdogan). Then there's his trio of beautiful daughters: Muazzez (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), Turkan (Songul Oden) and Safiye (Sukran Ovali). Spanning three decades of eventful Turkish history from the 1970s to the 1990s, 'Eksi Elmalar' ('Sour Apples') charts their lives and loves as it takes us on an emotional journey that ends in Antalya. This is a superbly photographed, witty and occasionally heartbreaking epic that makes outstanding use of its magnificent locations. Veteran writer/director, actor and poet Yilmaz Erdogan's credits include the box office record-breaking 'Vizontele' and 'Magic Carpet Ride'. To international audiences, he is best known for his performances in 'Once upon a Time in Anatolia' and Russell Crowe's 'The Water Diviner'. Rounding out the cast is award-winning actress Devrim Yakut as the mayor's wife.