Eurovision Song Contest: 2007 - Helsinki

  |  Buy to Own: 04/06/2007
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Eurovision Song Contest: 2007 - Helsinki Film Poster


Coverage of the spectacle that is the 2007 extravaganza contest of the best or certainly the cheesiest best of Europe's pop music. Helsinki was the venue and the successful competing nations were no less mis-matched and random a bunch than we've come to expect from Eurovision. From an ageing tinfoil-covered transvestite from the Ukraine, Verka Serduchka, a witchy spectre from the Balkans with a glittering glove to the truly pathetic UK entry Skootch that would have gone 'nul point' but for neighbours' pity-voting - Europe's slip was well and truly showing. It's unlikely that anyone could have predicted the winner - Maria Sestic a short, tuxedoed lesbian from Bosnia who'd played straight all the way through the competing process but unmasked herself in the final to rapturous acclaim from the now largely gay audience. Exhaustingly, deliciously cheese-smothered Euro-pop-nonsense! 2 disk set includes coverage of the semi-finals, artist biographies, home performance footage of some of the top acts, the finals night and an interview with the winner.