Ever After High: Spring Unsprung Thronecoming

  |  Buy to Own: 26/12/2015
  |  Watch Now: 07/02/2016
  |  108 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Double bill of children's animated features following the adventures of the teenage residents of the magical boarding school Ever After High. In 'Spring Unsprung' (2015) the Spring Fairest is in full swing at Ever After High. But after Kitty (voice of Bekka Prewitt)'s mother the Cheshire Cat unleashes a curse that causes the students to act in the opposite way from their true self the Wonderland kids must work together to restore normality to the fairy tale world and save their friends. In 'Thronecoming' (2014) the Storybook of Legends disappears, leaving Apple (Jonquil Goode) and Raven (Erin Fitzgerald) to go in search of it during the Thronecoming celebrations.