Everest - Man V Mountain

  |  115 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Documentary series about a 21-man British Army team's efforts to reach the highest point in the world - the summit of Everest. Following the climbers from start to finish of their eight-week journey - a feat that had only ever been completed by a 19-member team. Three years of training could scarcely have prepared the already physically fit team for what lay ahead. A near vertical kilometre of sheer ice, a knife-edge ridge and winds of over 100mph, and the final stage, known ominously as the death zone - all at potentially lethal altitudes are tough on one man but to take a large party through these trials is a huge feat. Racing against the critically short Everest climbing season, ever-changing weather conditions, the hordes of others hell-bent on making the summit and the time-consuming altitude readjustment, will the team make it.