Everybody Hates Chris: Season 1

  |  Buy to Own: 27/08/2007
  |  446 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 22 episodes from the first season of the U.S. comedy charting comedian Chris Rock's teenage years growing up in a tough area of New York. The eldest son of hard working parents Julius and Rochelle (Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold), Chris (Tyler James Williams) has to look after his younger brother and sister while dealing with life at a new, middle-class school, where he needs his quick wits and charm to survive. Episodes comprise: 'Everybody Hates The Pilot', 'Everybody Hates Keisha', 'Everybody Hates Basketball', 'Everybody Hates Sausage', 'Everybody Hates Fat Mike', 'Everybody Hates Halloween', 'Everybody Hate The Babysitter', 'Everybody Hates The Laundromat', 'Everybody Hates Food Stamps', 'Everybody Hates Greg', 'Everybody Hates Christmas', 'Everybody Hates A Part-Time Job', 'Everybody Hates Picture Day', 'Everybody Hates Valentine's Day', 'Everybody Hates The Lottery', 'Everybody Hates The Gout', 'Everybody Hate Funerals', 'Everybody Hates Corleone', 'Everybody Hates Drew', 'Eveybody Hates Playboy', 'Everybody Hates Jail' and 'Everybody Hates Father's Day'.